Czech HIstorical Landslide DAtabase

Czechia is a country prone to landsliding, in which various types of mass movements are present and frequently pose a threat to society. A detailed understanding to prevention of these events also requires the information about past landsliding. For this reason, an initiative of Czech geographers has been launched under an umbrella of Transport Research Institute, p.r.i. The aim of this initiative is to collect and make accessible to academia and the public a detailed information about locations, dates, and impacts of historical landsliding based on documentary data. As an outcome of this initiative the Czech HIstorical Landslide DAtabase – CHILDA has been created. In a Map section, users may find the up-to-date results of our research. All users may also add new records and thus widen the knowledge about landsliding in Czechia. More information about adding new records and using the database are provided in Guide. Guide.

The term landsliding is here used to encompass a broad spectre of specific mass movements, including landslides sensu stricto, rockfalls as well as various human-induced movements. Although there is a slope deformation database for Czechia administered by Czech Geological Survey, CHILDA is strictly focused on those landsliding events that are described in historical sources (written, iconographic, or broadly documentary data) and thus extend the other databases and our knowledge significantly.

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